Comic Quiz Theme Announced
Brid Comic Con 2022

Bridlington Spa
South Marine Drive
YO15 3JH

Sunday September 10th 2023 11am-4pm

Comic Quiz Theme Announced

Date Added: 27th January 2017

The theme of our Comics Quiz has been confirmed by our legendary Quiz Master Tony Hitchman! Part talk, part quiz with prizes to be won, this will be great fun for everyone, whatever your level of comics knowledge! This year's theme is Giant Robots!

Clank back in time with the mechanical marvels that lurched from the four colour futures of the fifties. Tighten those sprockets, oil those joints and get ready to join Bozo the Robot, the Iron Chief, Robot Archie and a host of other clunky creations in “Robot Rampage” a light hearted slides show and quiz by Tony Hitchman saluting those pulse pounding piston propelled protagonists that whirred and clanked their way into the hearts of comic fans.