BCC Guest: Lousie Jameson
Brid Comic Con 2022

Bridlington Spa
South Marine Drive
YO15 3JH

Sunday September 10th 2023 11am-4pm

BCC Guest: Lousie Jameson

Date Added: 7th August 2021
Bridlington Comic Con 2021 will be travelling back in time to Saturday tea times in 1977 with Doctor Who companion Leela, as played by Louise Jameson. Louise accompanied fourth Doctor Tom Baker for two years before moving on to play a string of strong female characters in the 80s and 90s. Blanche Simmons in Tenko, Susan Young in Bergerac and Rosa di Marco in EastEnders.
Louise continues her travels as Leela with the fourth Doctor for Big Finnish productions where she has also directed and created audio dramas. As well as being a familiar face on TV, Louise also tours and directs many theatre productions.
We’re thrilled that Louise is able to materialise with us in 2021.
Bridlington Comic Con takes place on Sunday 12th September at Bridlington Spa
Tickets are available from www.bridcomiccon.com
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